Thursday, 27 June 2013

Magazine Assignment

Howdy guys!

Guess what, i finally finished my photography assignment!
I surprisingly spent a lot of time on this, so I hope i do okay!

i don't know why it come up as such bad quality when i uploaded it but yeah sorry bout that! :/

We had to replicate a magazine, book or brochure, using/taking our own photos.
I replicated Oyster Magazine.

Anyways what do you think?

till next time, tania xx

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Photo Shoot of a friend

Howdy everyone!

Yesterday i Photographed one of my stunning friends Magda for a photo shoot for a project of mine. Thought i'd share some of the snaps with you. hope you enjoy! 

You can check the rest of the photo's out on my Flickr, by clicking HERE
till next time, tania xx

Monday, 10 June 2013

Matt Corby Sydney Concert

Howdy everybody!

So on Friday i went with three of my friends to see Matt Corby in concert! My friends and i are massive fans of him, and i think his voice is extraordinary and his songs are so meaningful and touching. It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. It was majority mosh area and when we walked in there we were only about 4 lines back from the stage! There were a few annoying people here and there that where constantly pushing and shoving to try and get forward, But eventually i moved away from them and was surrounded by some really nice people. He spoke so intimately with the crowd, which i loved. At one point a girl near the front fainted and no one had noticed, he stopped singing and called for help for her, the security guards  came and pulled her over the rail, he did not start singing again till she was ok. He was so sweet! Later i found out that was one of the girls in my class from school! and she didn't even know how he stopped for her. 
I personally think he is unbelievably amazing live and sung so angelic. He sung a couple songs acoustically and in those more soft/quite songs not one person spoke, you could hear a pin drop, that's how captivated everyone was  by him. Anyways over all he was fantastic and i would recommend everyone who gets the chance, to see him live. Here's just a snipit of him singing 'Brother'. Sorry i don't have any quality filming of any other songs, i was so excited all the filming was very shaky. (sorry for the bad quality, it originally was good, but once i uploaded it, it turned out like this, i don't know why)

Did anyone else go see him on this tour? Or have you seen him perform live before?

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Slow Down | Selena Gomez

Wot. another song released today! This is just to much excitement!

Just a quick post to let y'all know to check out Selena Gomez's new song 'Slow Down'. No one knew she was going to premiere it on her live chat today, so that was a surprise!

Obviously i am loving this song to! and she released her up coming album cover, which is just stunning! she ceases to amaze with with her perfection.

Anyways you can take a listen to the song here!

Hope you like it, i sure do! let me know what you think or if you're fellow #Selenator too! <3

till next time, tania xx

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

We Can't Stop | Miley Cyrus

Howdy Guys!


I DID! This is Miley Cyrus' new song from her up coming album, oh and sidenote: i Love miley if you didnt already realize :)

So anyways she premiered it on Ryan Seacrest only 30 minutes ago, and i had to stay up to hear it, tho usually i would usually be up at this time on the internet (it is 12:50am here :/)
But i think it is great! It is such a chilled song, and i love it so much because us smilers have waited agesss to hear some new music, and i am definitely not disappointed! I have it on repeat now!

                                    Check it out on vevo here 


                             Take a listen and tell me if you like it!
                       Who else is excited for to hear the whole album?

                                             till next time, tania xx