Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Beach Side Holiday

Sorry for the lack of posting i have just arrived home this afternoon from my long weekend holiday. 
It was 'Australia Day' on Sunday the 26th and every year my family goes down to Jervis Bay to celebrate.
I had a great time and the weather was amazing!
We went to the Huskinsson carnival on the Sunday night and one of my school friends happened to be staying at callala the same weekend and was at the carnival so i got to hang out with her!

The next day we went to Greenfields beach which is stunning, it is one of our favourite beaches down there.
You can see me in picture 1,2,4 mucking around on the beach and having a blast!
The day previous we went for breaky in husky and i found these amazing beach pants in one of the little stores there, they are so light weight and comfortable! i have i feeling i am going to wear them  to death for the rest of the summer!

Later i went for a peep into my favourite book shop ever at south coast called 'Boo books' and i ended up buying can already tell it is going to be one of the best books i have read. And i know i shouldn't be buying anymore books because i am supposed to be reading the ones i have already chosen but i knew that i wouldn't be going back for a while so i had to grab it while i could!

And finally the second last picture is the gorgeous sun set last night of Palm Beach behind our house. We sat there for a while watching my brother fishing about 100m out in the water. it was so peaceful and calm and just made me realize that despite all the war, crime and bad stuff, what a really beautiful world it is that god has given us and that we are the ones who need to look after it with the best of our abilities so that some teenager such as myself can enjoy it in thousands of years just as i did.

till next time

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Dr Marten 'LILIHA's'

Am i the only one who is obsessed with these shoes?! The minute i first saw them i knew i had to have them no matter what! But they were a bit pricey as Dr Martens always are, but luckily not long after i managed to find them for a cheap 70 or so $'s from an Urban outfitters extreme sale! And i am so glad, because they are even more beautiful in real life. Although they look a bit punk/edgy, 
because of the classic girly cut/design they actually look rather cute on. I think these are a quite versatile pair of shoes, because they are low cut and a sandal style they are perfect for summer although i can fully imagine pairing them with a cute quarter sleeve dress and black tights!
I am quite happy with this purchase.

Till next time,
xx Tania

Thursday, 16 January 2014

January-June Reading List

It's kind of a funny story by Ned Vizzini, 
Room by Emma Donoghue, 
Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow, 
Wings by Aprilynne Pike, 
In between days by Andrew Porter, 
 How to be interesting by Jessica Hagy, 
Wonder by Rj Palacio

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Fav Golden Globe Looks 2014!

Golden Globe Awards 2014
Giuliana Rancic

Golden Globe Awards 2014.
Sofia Vergara

Golden Globe Awards 2014.
Julie Bowen

Golden Globes 2014.
Zooey Deschanel

Golden Globe Awards 2014.
Cate Blanchett

Golden Globe Awards 2014.
Kate Beckinsale

Golden Globe Awards 2014.
Sarah Hyland

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Candles Wishlist: Sugar Baby candles

Candle box & Jar Berry 01525
'Capture the casual Caribbean vibe and escape to the clear aquatic waters of The Bahamas.  Evoke that sultry sensation with this banquet of tropical and fruity delights - pomegranate, guava flower and raspberry spiked with zesty lemon and orange, enhanced with hints of floral and sweet fairy floss. Look no furtherÉ for this is paradise!'

Candle box & Jar Tahiti 01521
'Island dreaming - Tahiti would be nice! Grass skirts and aromatic leis provide a distinctly tropical bouquet of sweet-smelling frangipani flowers intensified with White Heliotrope and Narcissus. Citrus blossoms excite the senses and evoke a true Polynesian experience.'

Candle box & Jar Santorini 01523
'Bright-white buildings perch on hillsides like scattered sugar cubes, framed against the backdrop of a sapphire sea. Reminisce with this delectable and enticing blend of sweet cotton candy freshened with a touch of citrus and a dash of spice. A heady aroma of musk combined with warming vanilla and precious woods evokes a nostalgic memory; it excites and relaxes in unison. Captivating and spellbinding!'

Candle box & Jar Hello Hamptons 01520
'The air is so crisp you can hear the waves - just breathe and escape. Enhance the sensory journey with this delightful combination of citrus drenched creamy coconut milk, coupled with a bouquet of heavenly white flowers and sweetened with warming vanilla. So exclusively lavish!'

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Favourite Shoe Purchase of 2013

UNIF Grail Platform's

These babies were definitely my favourite purchase of the last year! No Regrets! Absolutely love them and i'm sure i will for many more years! Uh they are just so gorgeous, oh and excuse the dirtiness and creasing on them, i have worn them a bit hahah

That's all, till next time