Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Hair Colour

Howdy everybody!

I can't decide on how i want my hair. The colour i have at the moment is grown out and i need to redo it soon, but i don't want re dye it the same because i don't really like this colour to much.
I have loved this picture (below) for so long and though of getting my hair like this because it is absolutely lovely. Mainly because i wouldn't really like normal ombre but this one is so bleached at the bottom / really light strait away and how the blonde is done messily (if that is even a word) i like how some bits go brown all the way to the bottom.
But i just don't know if it will suit me


This is my length and colour at the moment.
Should i go ombre? Should i just get streaks? Or should i go lighter or darker?
i have no idea, but i think i will probably, gradually get lighter and lighter.
Though i have quite dark eyebrows, so it might look odd.

Anyways sorry if this was a short rambling post, but let me know what you think
i would really appreciate it!

till next time, tania xx

Monday, 9 September 2013

September Wishlist | Beauty

So i thought i'd start something new on my blog, each month i will share with you a beauty, fashion, decor etc list of things i want/are wishing for that month. I might not do this every month if there isn't anything new i like, But this month i do have quite a long list of beauty wants! and here it is -

NARS Cosmetics / Rimmel matte face powder, $6.22 / Gorgeous Cosmetics eyeshadow / Gorgeous Cosmetics eyeshadow / Gorgeous Cosmetics eyeshadow / Gorgeous Cosmetics eyeshadow / Gorgeous Cosmetics eyeshadow / MAC Cosmetics lipstick / Synthetic makeup brush / MAC Cosmetics lipstick / Synthetic makeup brush / NARS Cosmetics lip gloss makeup / NARS Cosmetics lip gloss makeup / NARS Cosmetics lip pencil

Now i know people probably think i am so weird wanting colours like these considering it is coming to summer in australia, but i can't help it, im a winter girl. i swear i was born in the wrong hemisphere, and country!
I have been loving these mossy green shades lately and when i saw these matte eye-shadow colours by Gorgeous makeup i nearly drooled. And like usual the dark lip colous are there, but something new for me is the nude lip products, i didn't think i could pull them off, but then i realized i just have to find the right shade, with a balance of nude and peachy, to suit my skin tone and not make me look ill.

Well anywho that is all, all the links are under the picture if you wanted to check any of my beauty wants from this month.

till next time, xx tania

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Photoshop Assignment

Sneak peek at my latest photography assignment. It had to involve photo-shop of our own photography.


till nex time, xx tania

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Selena Appreciation Post

Just a quick post expressing my love for Selena Gomez. 
Isn't she just one of the most naturally stunning human alive? She is so talented at singing, acting and now even more at dancing! i look up to her so much and have for a long time. 
I can't wait for her to one day tour Australia. She is my life and fashion icon. Love her so much! 

till next time, tania xx