Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Beach Side Holiday

Sorry for the lack of posting i have just arrived home this afternoon from my long weekend holiday. 
It was 'Australia Day' on Sunday the 26th and every year my family goes down to Jervis Bay to celebrate.
I had a great time and the weather was amazing!
We went to the Huskinsson carnival on the Sunday night and one of my school friends happened to be staying at callala the same weekend and was at the carnival so i got to hang out with her!

The next day we went to Greenfields beach which is stunning, it is one of our favourite beaches down there.
You can see me in picture 1,2,4 mucking around on the beach and having a blast!
The day previous we went for breaky in husky and i found these amazing beach pants in one of the little stores there, they are so light weight and comfortable! i have i feeling i am going to wear them  to death for the rest of the summer!

Later i went for a peep into my favourite book shop ever at south coast called 'Boo books' and i ended up buying can already tell it is going to be one of the best books i have read. And i know i shouldn't be buying anymore books because i am supposed to be reading the ones i have already chosen but i knew that i wouldn't be going back for a while so i had to grab it while i could!

And finally the second last picture is the gorgeous sun set last night of Palm Beach behind our house. We sat there for a while watching my brother fishing about 100m out in the water. it was so peaceful and calm and just made me realize that despite all the war, crime and bad stuff, what a really beautiful world it is that god has given us and that we are the ones who need to look after it with the best of our abilities so that some teenager such as myself can enjoy it in thousands of years just as i did.

till next time

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