Saturday, 18 January 2014

Dr Marten 'LILIHA's'

Am i the only one who is obsessed with these shoes?! The minute i first saw them i knew i had to have them no matter what! But they were a bit pricey as Dr Martens always are, but luckily not long after i managed to find them for a cheap 70 or so $'s from an Urban outfitters extreme sale! And i am so glad, because they are even more beautiful in real life. Although they look a bit punk/edgy, 
because of the classic girly cut/design they actually look rather cute on. I think these are a quite versatile pair of shoes, because they are low cut and a sandal style they are perfect for summer although i can fully imagine pairing them with a cute quarter sleeve dress and black tights!
I am quite happy with this purchase.

Till next time,
xx Tania

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