Sunday, 12 January 2014

Candles Wishlist: Sugar Baby candles

Candle box & Jar Berry 01525
'Capture the casual Caribbean vibe and escape to the clear aquatic waters of The Bahamas.  Evoke that sultry sensation with this banquet of tropical and fruity delights - pomegranate, guava flower and raspberry spiked with zesty lemon and orange, enhanced with hints of floral and sweet fairy floss. Look no further√Č for this is paradise!'

Candle box & Jar Tahiti 01521
'Island dreaming - Tahiti would be nice! Grass skirts and aromatic leis provide a distinctly tropical bouquet of sweet-smelling frangipani flowers intensified with White Heliotrope and Narcissus. Citrus blossoms excite the senses and evoke a true Polynesian experience.'

Candle box & Jar Santorini 01523
'Bright-white buildings perch on hillsides like scattered sugar cubes, framed against the backdrop of a sapphire sea. Reminisce with this delectable and enticing blend of sweet cotton candy freshened with a touch of citrus and a dash of spice. A heady aroma of musk combined with warming vanilla and precious woods evokes a nostalgic memory; it excites and relaxes in unison. Captivating and spellbinding!'

Candle box & Jar Hello Hamptons 01520
'The air is so crisp you can hear the waves - just breathe and escape. Enhance the sensory journey with this delightful combination of citrus drenched creamy coconut milk, coupled with a bouquet of heavenly white flowers and sweetened with warming vanilla. So exclusively lavish!'

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